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Sunday, 8 March 2015

The End.

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One day, there's a princess. She wanted to go out from the castle. She ask for accompany from a prince. Her favorite prince that used to follow her wherever she go, fulfill all her dreams, the only prince that she could rely on. 

But on that day, the prince gave so many excuses. But the princess still try to give the best for him. To make sure the prince will follow her. She do everything but then the prince still stick with the excuses. The prince said, 

"I'm sorry my dear. I can't go out with you. I'm afraid that all my friend will see us together and think bad about us. I need to take care of their feelings. I'm sorry"

 So the princess was gave up. 

She finally decided to go out alone. But deep inside her heart she do hope that the prince will appear in front of her. Before she go out, with her broken heart she said to the prince, 

"Dear prince, if you really want to be friend with me, come meet me at the garden. I will wait for you until 8pm. If you are not coming, I swear I no longer know who you are. I will bare in my mind that you don't appreciate my effort to proceed with this relationship"

She went to the garden. She wait for the prince to come. She look at her watch. It show 8.05 pm. She knows she's not supposed to wait anymore. It already late for the prince to come. But she still believe that the prince love him. She know that the prince will not end their relationship. She believe that the prince will not make her disappointed. So she just wait. Keep believing that the prince would come. 

She look at her watch. It's 9pm. She's finally give up. The prince no longer want her. He no longer care about her dream. Worst part, the prince don't really mind about their friendship. He don't put any effort to save it at all. 

She's so made. She decided to change. She go out from the castle. She left everything behind her. She run away from everyone. In the same time, she run away from the prince. As promises, she know that she have to forget him. She start a new life at another country.

After a few years, she no longer remember him. But what is still in her mind, 

"A few years ago there's a guy that hurt me the most. He put me behind everyone else. He make me fall for him. And then without he realize, he slowly replace me with someone else. I was there to him most of the time, but at the end of the day, he act like i'm nothing to him. Maybe he's so happy right now. Enjoying his life with someone that he choose. But until right now, he might not know that, there's only one heart love him more than anyone else could"


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