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Thursday, 20 February 2014

New Day.

The person you were yesterday...

Hi hello and assalamualaikum. With the new feelings, new spirit and whatever, I came here, eceh takyah nak came here sangat, saja je nak cakap tengah happy pastu rasa nak update blog. Seems like I'm to cool today. I don't know why but I feel like I am totally enjoyed my life today. hehe

Nampak tak I'm getting crazier. Semalam sedih sedih and today I started to claimed that I'm happy with my life. OMG. Crazy. Dah gila. Eh tapi tak pelik. Encik Fuad pun ada cakap jugak, budak senibina ni jarang yang normal. Aherherher 

I think all of this happened because I've started to start a new life. Maybe? Nah. I just pretend like there's nothing happen. Everything is normal. And I didn't do anything wrong. Well, maybe I just choose not to care anymore. Trying to not to care about what will people think, what will people say, what will people feel. I DON'T CARE. Eceh. 

Why should I care if they no longer care. Start a new things, and yeah. New me. Eh not really lah. I think I just back to normal. Back to who I used to be. Gedik pun gedik lah. As long as I enjoy my life. Talk to everyone like nothing's happen. Eh happy lah. 

But not forget, thanks to peoples, that waked me up from those nightmares. I just woke up from sleep and I'm living my life again. Dia macam konon konon sleeping beauty baru lepas bangun tiduq lah. Haha. Makin cantik rasanya sekarang. 


Every morning we get chance to be different. New day is a start for something new. That is what I did today. Try a little bit different step and yeah, well done. i'm feeling better. Thanks to Allah for giving me some strength so that I can face everything today. Ah excited nak mampus aku. Hopefully it is a good beginning. I hope everything stay like this. So that I can stay :)

I believe In..

You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Just believe in yourself lah kot. Well I talk based on experience. Tapi aku ni bukan lah matang sangat. Masih budak budak. Mungkin suami aku kang, matanglah orang nya. Ye dak? Eh tak memasal masuk bab suami. Hm gatal noh. Haha lantak lah. I don't want to talk much walaupun kat atas tu memang dah banyak aku bebel.

All I can say is just Alhamdullillah because I can face this day dengan tenangnya. Hihi. Bye and assalamualaikum :D

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