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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hello hi and assalamualaikum. Another steps for today. I'm not saying that i've already move on but I think I'm feeling better than before. I don't know why but I know I can end everything here. Yes. End everything. 

Deep inside my heart, I really wish I could turn back time and try to fix everything. In facts, I know I can't. So I've decided to let go everything. Its hurt knowing the person that used to means a lot to you is just a stranger right now. Yaaa. A stranger with a lots a memories. ]

I was a stranger to everyone right now. With a blink of eyes, everything changed. And I can't adapt with this changes. I just can't be alone. I've started to miss all of the memories. Memories where we used to laugh together, enjoy our time, be happy for each second, solve everything together, hey we have a lots memories. Too much to count. 

But the truth is I really miss everything. Yaa, I know right now what am I doing seems so wrong. it would pissed you off. Aku dah buat buat macam takda apa yang jadi, tapi still keadaan tetap sama. Orang treat aku macam aku tak wujud. Cakap bila perlu. Bila aku diam orang cakap aku attention seeker. Bila aku bising orang menyampah. Then what can I do?

Its time to go I guess. Aku harap apa aku buat ni betul. Aku minta maaf semua salah silap aku. Sejujurnya, memang maaf sangat. Aku dah buntu taktahu nak buat apa. Korang hukum aku tanpa bagitahu apa sebab dia. Tapi aku belajar untuk terima. Mungkin semua salah aku :) 


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